Installing MySQL v5.0.41 on Windows

In this guide,
the MySQL password will be password
the installation will allow remote root access
PHP is installed in c:\php-5

Download MySQL v5.0.41 (essentials version) from here :
Run the MySQL Installer

Setup Type = Custom
* MySQL Server (tick)
* Client Programs (tick)
* C Include Files / Lib files (untick)
Install to = c:\mysql

Configure the MySQL Server now = YES
* MySQL Server Instance Configuration = Standard Configuration
* Install As Windows Service (tick)
Service Name = MYSQL
Launch the MySQL Server Automatically (tick)
Include Bin Directory in Windows PATH (tick)
Modify Security Settings
new root password = password
confirm root password = password
Enable root access from remote machines (tick)

Fixing a known password issue for older versions of PHP
assumes root password is password
Login to MySQL as root user
run the blue lines within MYSQL one at a time :

SET PASSWORD FOR 'root'@'localhost' = OLD_PASSWORD('password');
SET PASSWORD FOR 'root'@'%' = OLD_PASSWORD('password');

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