My `Linux From Scratch` Build With Server Stuff Preloaded!

So you want to put Linux on a old PC – say 128Mb/256Mb RAM but you go to download CentOS – and it says “minimum memory requirement 512MB” and then then you’re thinking …

What? All I want to do is run a Linux on a old PC !!!!

So you want Linux that actually includes useful server stuff outta the box like :
Sendmail, Squid-Cache, Samba, PHP4 and PHP5, Apache1 and Apache2, MySQL, Secure Shell and FTP AND! that can run off just 64Mb RAM ?

You do ?  No problem – read on!

Installing Stuff ::
01> Downloading the CD Images
Can I really install this on a old PC and it’ll really work ? … YES!

02> Setting up VirtualBox for this Linux Install …

03> Installing on VirtualBox – yes it’s a sinch!
Installing this on a VirtualBox is a great way to learn how to install before you install on an old PC! remember: your hard disk will be wiped during install!  Not got Virtualbox yet? Click here !!!

* You can now download the pre-installed VirtualBox Disk Image Here! *

04> Things you need to do after you’ve installed !
… type in cd ~/misc/ (press ENTER)
… type in sh (press ENTER)

05> Passwords You Need
easy – username is root, password is root … which works for :
* console login
* MySQL access
* SSH login
        See, told you that was easy!

Technical Stuff ::
>>> Where’s PHP and Apache installed ?
Apache 1 is installed in /usr/local/apache-1
PHP 4 is installed in /usr/local/php-4
Apache1 and PHP4 run on port 80

Apache 2 is installed in /usr/local/apache-2
PHP 5 is installed in /usr/local/php-5
Apache 2 and PHP5 run on port 90

>>> How Do I Get Samba Setup ?
Samba Libraries and Binaries are all installed – due the massive nature of configuration options available, the service is not installed. But to install the service – do this :
… type in cd ~/misc/ (press ENTER)
… type in sh (press ENTER)

Where is smb.conf ?

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