Step 1 > Setting up the Global Zone / your physical Solaris PC

To get started you’ll need to install VirtualBox on the physical Solaris PC / Global Zone. You’ll aslo need to create a directory, add permissions and install a package
(!) Don’t forget we’re using VirtualBox v4.2.18 as later versions of VirtualBox have problems with Solaris Zones, but this version is 100% okay with Solaris Zones – So best not up upgrade VirtualBox after you’ve installed it

Also if you’ve already got VirtualBox installed, best to uninstall it first !

Login to your Solaris PC / Global Zone as root

mkdir /zones
zfs set mountpoint=/zones rpool/zones
zfs get mountpoint rpool/zones
chmod -R 700 /zones/.

Install and enable key dependency for capping memory :

pkg install SUNWrcap
svcadm enable rcap
rcapadm -E

Set up the system with Fair Share Scheduling as the default scheduling class when zones are in use :

dispadmin -d FSS

Download and VirtualBox 4.2.18 and it’s Extension Pack

VirtualBox 4.2.18:

VirtualBox Extension Pack for VirtualBox 4.2.18:

Now unpack and install VirtualBox 4.2.18

gunzip -cd VirtualBox-4.2.18-88780-SunOS.tar.gz | tar xvf -
pkgadd -d VirtualBox-4.2.18-SunOS-r88780.pkg
(!) Answer YES to any prompts

Next, unpack and install VirtualBox Extension Pack for VirtualBox 4.2.18

VBoxManage extpack install –replace Oracle_VM_VirtualBox_Extension_Pack-4.2.18-88780.vbox-extpack

Check everthing is okay …

VBoxManage list hostinfo | less
VBoxManage list extpacks | less
VBoxManage list systemproperties | less

Proceed to Step 2 > Setting up the Zone and installing VirtualBox in the Zone


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