Step 3 > Making your VirtualBox Machine autoboot in the Zone

This assumes you’ve got a fully working VirtualBox Guest
– i.e. you’ve got Windows XP fully installed and up and running
We’ll assume your Solaris Zone is called myzone2

Login to the myzone2 Solaris Zone


Install /etc/default/virtualbox

cat > /etc/default/virtualbox << EOF
# virtualbox defaults file

Create /etc/vbox directory

mkdir /etc/vbox

Create /etc/vbox/autostart.cfg

cat > /etc/vbox/autostart.cfg << EOF
default_policy = allow

Discover the name of your VirtualBox Machine

VBoxManage list vms
Your output will look similar to this :
VBoxManage list vms
in this example, the name of the VirtualBox Machine is “Windows XP”

Make the VirtualBox Machine autoboot

VBoxManage modifyvm "Windows XP" --autostart-enabled on

Adjust the /opt/VirtualBox/ script


NOW: apply changes in purple

Update the VirtualBox AutoBoot Service

svccfg -s svc:/application/virtualbox/autostart:default setprop config/config=/etc/vbox/autostart.cfg

svcadm enable svc:/application/virtualbox/autostart:default

Shutdown your existing VirtualBox Machine and Reboot your zone

When the zone boots up – the VirtualBox Machine will boot up too!


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