Creating your first Mandatory Profile …

So first off ensure you’re logged on your Windows XP computer as an Administrator
Goto Start > Control Panel > User Accounts :
001 - User Accounts

Next, click on create a new account
002 - User Accounts - Name
In this example, I’ve typed in a name of Mandatory Profile
Press Next >

You’ll be asked to pick an account type :
003 - User Accounts - Type
select Computer administrator
Press Create Account

You’ll now see Mandatory Profile listed on the User Accounts window
(though the icon may be different) :
004 - User Accounts

Now close the User Accounts window and logoff
Next, logon as Mandatory Profile (don’t forget – there’s no password)
When you logon as Mandatory Profile, you’ll get the default Windows XP desktop and theme :
006 - 1st Local LogOn As Mandatory Profile
Now you can feel free to adjust the theme, change the menu type, etc.

In the example below, I’ve made some customisations :
007 - customised desktop

Next >> I’d recommend running all your programs as this user … so that each program can update the registry for this user. This way, you can turn off those “nag screens” that prompt you to agree to a license agreement.

Also – if you have Microsoft Office installed — it’s highly recommended you run say Microsoft Word. This is because the first time a Microsoft Office product is run, it writes a lot of stuff to the registry :
008 - First Run Word (a)

Once you’ve got Microsoft Word running – you can change the Name and Initials if you wish :
009 - First Run Word (b)

Whilst running Microsoft Word, I moved the toolbar to make it 2 toolbars deep :
010 - First Run Word (c)

Right, once you’ve run your programs and you’re happy with things like how Windows Explorer appears, etc – you can now log off !


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